How to Grill Tender & Juicy Steak (Florentine-Style)

grilled t-bone steak florentine style

 The Florentine style steak recipe is rich in flavor, tender and juicy. The grilled T-bone steak Florentine style is best served medium rare along with a light and crispy seared to a nice golden brown crust. Florence is known for the thick-cut, tender, juicy and flavorful steak and a lot of Americans call this a porterhouse and are less skeptical about its taste and don’t think this steak has that something to die for. Though, it is true to some extent, but the famous Florentine style steak is an important meal on most menus in all the restaurants in Florence and finding a good one serving this world famous dish will not be difficult.

If you find a restaurant serving this heavenly dish, then do not hesitate to try this one out. The rare meat of this dish is so tender that it can be cut easily with a spoon. The secret behind the taste of Florentine steak recipe is the quality of the meat used.

Chianina Cattle

The meat used in this recipe comes from a breed of cattle, Chianina, an Italian breed of cattle. Chianina is huge white colored oxen that is raised in Tuscany regions Val di Chiana valley, near Arezzo. The specialty of this meat is that it is flavorful and tender and because these bulls are of a specified size, the steaks can easily exceed 6 pounds each.

To know where the Chianina beef is available in North America, you will have to contact the American Chianina Association. If not, you can buy a steak from another breed. To serve the meal for two people you will need the steak that has been well aged. The steak should weigh 1 ½ pounds to 2 pounds and has to be 1 ¾ to 2-inches thick. According to “A Fuoco Vivo”, which is a collection of Italian grilling recipes, the thickness of the meat is measured by the thickness of the T-bone that separates the filet and the centre filet. For a large animal, this steak would be even thicker and weigh even more. Florentina Style steak is always served very rare and it’s not advisable to overcook such a high-quality meat.

How to cook
The grilled T-bone steak florentina style


– 1-2 800g T-bone steak ( 1 can serve two people)
– Rocket salad (Arugula)
– Cannellini beans
– 7 to 8 cherry tomatoes
– 4-5 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
– 3-4 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar
– 3 tablespoon of white wine vinegar
– Half a lemon
– Pinch of mixed herbs
– Vessels needed for the recipe
– Charcoal barbeque ( a traditional bbq can be used or cook it over a skillet on the stove, though cooking over a charcoal has its own benefits and adds flavor to the meat)
– 1 small jar
– 1 medium size salad bowl
– Set of tongs
– Wooden chopping board to serve

Cooking Method

Cooking the Meat

Charcoal barbeque is the best way of cooking the meat because of the amount of flavors it oozes, which is not present in other forms of barbeque, be it the stove or an electric grill.

– Once the charcoal reaches the perfect temperature, place the steak on the top. Watch the meat, it should not burn. It is ok for the flames to cover the steak as it is usually thick and this will ensure the meat is cooked in the centre. The most important point in charcoal barbeque is that the heat should remain constant and intense following the initial very high heat. If you see the coals dying out, then gently fan them back to life. Ideally the cooking should be done within a few minutes on a charcoal barbeque.

– Leave the steak to cook for about 5 minutes on the grill and then turn it. Apply salt on the grilled surface. Leave the steak on this side for another five minutes. Keep flipping and apply salt and pepper on all the sides.

– Stand the T-bone upright on the charcoal so that the bone is holding it up. This will ensure the meat is cooked all through. Leave it in this position for 7 to 10 minutes.

– The time you set to cook will decide on how you want the meat to be served. Here, we would prefer medium rare.

How to know if the meat is done

As we all know raw meat is squishy and soft. The meat passes from rare to medium to well done. In the process it gets toughened making it firmer and tough. Here, for this recipe we want our meat to be medium rare. If your steak is thick, it will continue to cook for a few minutes after you remove it from fire. Therefore, it is necessary to figure out the cooking time accordingly so you don’t have a charred or overcooked steak on hand.


– Mix the rocket salad, cannellini beans and cherry tomatoes into a salad bowl.
-Take a small jar and add in extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, white wine vinegar with a pinch of salt and pepper to taste. Add in a pinch of herbs.
– Squeeze half a lemon into the mix, making sure the seeds don’t fall into the bowl.
– Close the jar with a lid tightly and shake the mix well.
– Pour the salad dressing over the top of your ingredients and mix it well using your hands or tongs, though using hands is better as the ingredients gets mixed well.

How to Serve

– Place some generous amount of salad on to the chopping board and spread it out slightly so that a perfect bed is laid out
– Remove the freshly grilled T-bone steak Florentine style from the BBQ and slowly lay it over the salad.
Your meat is now ready to share

Serve your simple and delicious Florentine steak recipe accompanied with a rich and full-bodied wine like Barolo or Brunello. Enjoy your grill!!

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 grilled t-bone steak florentine style


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